• Firm the Skin and Shrink Pores
  • Remove Wrinkles and Modify Facial Contours
  • Decrease the Under-eye/black Eye
  • Professional Device, Easy to Use at Home
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What You Can Expect from ThermoRF...

  • Deep Thermal Penetration
  • Encourages Collagen Regeneration

  • Transmits Radio Energy by Electrodes
  • Provides Balanced Energy for Enhancing Your Skin Elasticity, Shrinking Pores, and Reducing Wrinkles With Radio Waves

  • Lifts and Firms Skin
  • Works to Firm Up Your Skin, Remove Under Eye Bags, and Even Get Rid of Double Chins

  • Efficient Radio Waves
  • Restores Your Skin's Luster and Make You Look Years Younger